Priorities Rachel Weinstein for Cambridge School Committee


If elected to the Cambridge School Committee, I will push for:

  • Citywide Pre-Kindergarten

I know the power of early childhood education. At the Tobin Montessori, where children enroll at 3 years old, every child in my son’s class could read by the age of kindergarten – whether they lived in public housing or on Brattle Street.  We can prepare all our students for success through early access to a curriculum rich in language and literacy.


  • Supporting All Learners

The idea that we must focus either on students who are academically behind or on advanced learners is a false dichotomy.  When we appropriately support our teachers with paraprofessionals and training, they will structure their classrooms to provide all children with access to the material. 


  • A Champion for Every Child

Imagine the impact if every Cambridge child had an adult helping them navigate school, identifying their interests and ensuring they received the appropriate supports.  Calling on a family member, volunteer, teacher or social worker, we should ensure that each young person has a champion who monitors their progress. 


  • School Culture-Building

-  The Building Equity Bridges initiative made clear that not all of our teachers and school leaders feel safe and supported. We cannot create productive learning environments for our young people when adults are ill at ease.  We must address issues of school culture so that teachers and administrators are positioned to succeed. 

-  Relationships between students and teachers also will improve with ongoing support for adults to strengthen their cultural proficiency. I am keen to explore a systems approach to making our classrooms more affirming for students of every demographic. 

-  Finally, but perhaps most importantly, we know our children succeed when we work in collaboration with families and community partners. Our schools are ahead of most in working with out-of-school-time providers and in employing all schools with family liaisons.  Building on this foundation, we can achieve even more.