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Reconnecting, Reflecting, & Graduating

Dear Friends, 

Happy Summer!  Happy Pride!  Happy (almost) Juneteenth!  I sense a collective lifting of spirits as our fortunate community becomes vaccinated and the days become longer. 

This month’s newsletter is more of a photo update, rather than a written reflection.  That’s because you can read my latest thinking on this exceptional term in the Cambridge Chronicle.

Click on this image or here to read the OpEd.

No doubt, part of the reason my own spirits are lifting is because I’ve been able to connect with more of you in person in recent months.  Here are some recent highlights:

A few weeks ago, we held our last Down with Design gathering.  These Mental Health Awareness Month t-shirts were donated by Mayor Siddiqui - and the beautiful logo was designed by CRLS student Lisa Jones!

City Councilor Sobrinho-Wheeler,  Councilor Zondervan, School Committee Member Ayesha Wilson and I were honored to support the CRLS students kicking off the Cambridge chapter of the Sunrise Movement.

Vice Mayor Mallon, Mayor Siddiqui, and I were delighted to connect with many CPSD families and community partners at the district’s and Mayor’s Resource Fair last weekend.

Last but not least, a big CongRatuLationS to the CRLS and High School Extension Program seniors who graduated this week!  Completing high school is always a milestone, but this class has overcome more obstacles than most.  My hat is off to them, their families, and their educators.


In closing, this month marks the end of Dr. Kenneth Salim’s five year tenure leading the Cambridge Public Schools.  I am thankful to the Superintendent for his dedication to our district, round-the-clock service through COVID-19, and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.  

As always, I welcome your questions and ideas.

In collaboration,


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