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Updates...and an Invitation!

Dear Friends,

I hope your school years are off to a promising start.

I am sorry to share that the CPS community is in a period of mourning, as one of our students, Jaden McDaniels, passed away last week.  My heart goes out to Jaden’s family, friends, and educators.

On a much brighter note, I’ve enjoyed seeing excited students, families, and educators on their first days and at Mayor Siddiqui’s & CPS’s resource fairs.

(Photo credits for two of the pictures go to Elizabeth Pierre, Mayor’s Siddiqui’s Office)

Many of you have asked for updates on the new elementary school schedules.  I introduced a related motion last week that would address some of the concerns I’ve heard from our community.  Here is the text:

Whereas the administration developed elementary school schedule guidelines to ensure that students receive adequate instruction time in core academic subjects; and

Whereas the guidelines address significant differences between individual Cambridge Public Schools’ instruction time for particular subjects; and

Whereas schools have created their SY23-24 schedules accordingly; and

Whereas some have interpreted the scheduling guidelines as detailed mandates rather than guidelines, resulting in concerns over rigid learning conditions; and

Whereas caregivers from every CPS school have contacted the School Committee and Superintendent with concerns about reduced play, nutrition, rest, and transition times; and

Whereas the Superintendent’s team clarified, at the August 8 meeting, that the guidelines would neither prevent extending class meeting times when students need longer nor providing requisite transition time between classes; now therefore be it 

Resolved that the administration issue written communication to CPS staff confirming that the elementary schedule guidelines are advisory, and that principals and educators have the trust of the Committee and Superintendent to adjust as they see fit. 

Member Rojas exercised his charter right, which means that the discussion of the proposal was stopped until our next meeting, on September 19th.  In short, now is a good time to contact the Committee ([email protected]) if you have strong feelings about the new schedules.  Stay tuned!

In other news, the campaign is in high gear!  MARK YOUR CALENDARS to join us for coffee, conversation, and (for those who want) canvassing voters on Saturday, September 30 at 10 a.m. in Joan Lorentz Park (in front of the main library, by the corner of Ellery and Broadway). Please please DO bring your children!  It’s a crowded field of strong candidates, and I need your support to power through these last 8 weeks.

In collaboration,


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