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How We Win (Spoiler Alert: You!)

Dear Friends,

We’re off and running, with both the school year and the electoral race!  My heart has lifted as I’ve welcomed students back to school and heard the happy sounds of young friends reuniting.  Last week, I was pleased to see most of the ninth-graders in the classes I visited give thumbs up about their first days at CRLS.

(Gorgeous art at KLo and new students at VLUS)

One of the good things to come out of this COVID era is the expansion of voting by mail.  In Cambridge, the Election Commission sent every registered voter an application to mail in their ballots.  I wholeheartedly support this expanded access to voting.  It does, however, mean that Cantabrigians begin casting their votes THIS WEEK, so time is of the essence in letting your networks know you endorse my candidacy!

Please let me know how you can help between today and November 2.  Here go some options:

  • Meet voters at their doors 
  • Host a backyard or Zoom house party
  • E/mail your networks of friends, neighbors and colleagues to encourage them to vote #1 for Rachel 
  • Donate
  • Take a visibility shift and hold a sign on Election Day

In our proportional representation system, incumbents are not safe.  I need your help securing #1 votes so that we can continue the work we’ve begun towards making our schools antiracist, more rigorous, and more full of joy and collaboration!

Click on this image for a 3-minute reminder of my values and goals. 

As always, I welcome your questions and ideas.

In collaboration,



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