Rachel Weinstein for Cambridge School Committee

Who is Rachel? What has she accomplished?


Thank you for making the time to learn more about me and my track record.

I am a proud K-to-12 product of, parent in, and policy maker for the Cambridge Public Schools. I am running for re-election to the Cambridge School Committee having served two terms (2020-21, 2021-23).

Here are a few of the ways I have walked my talk:

  • Racial Equity - The very first motion I brought to the School Committee, with Member Wilson, was to name racial equity as a priority.  This was an outgrowth of our work with the Building Equity Bridges movement.  The policy’s enactment positioned us to advocate successfully for racial equity components in the budget, including a new Office of Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, and a more robust family engagement team.  The Committee also adopted community-developed antiracist vision and mission statements.  In my second term, we established districtwide goals that reflect our expectation that ALL students should achieve at high levels, which previously was not the case.


  • A Champion for Every Child - Our system works best for students who have an adult supporter.  Far too many of our students fall through the cracks simply because they don’t have someone to help them sign up for after school, find translation for their parents, or secure an internship.  In the remote-schooling spring of 2020, I introduced a policy that would require every student to receive a weekly check-in call from a school staff member.  While the Committee ultimately modified this to be students in grades 6-12, it was an important step towards ensuring a champion for every child.  In my second term, we adopted a new District Plan that includes implementing a system for individualized student success plans.  I am excited for the emerging system to include adult navigators (or champions!) to help students access the opportunities and supports they deserve.
  • Collaboration with Community Members - One of the greatest privileges of being a public servant is working with students, educators, families, community members, and colleagues.  I am proud of the work I have done with each of these groups, for example updating our Title IX policy with the Title IX Aurelia Advocates (a student advocacy group) and our Health educators, as well as partnering with Moms Demand Action to keep guns out of young people's hands.

I hope I have earned your vote by delivering on my previous campaign commitments, as well as collaborating with stakeholders.  Another reason to vote for me is that I am the most experienced incumbent running for reelection.  Fred Fantini is retiring after 40 years of dedicated service.  With him, goes significant institutional memory, relationships, and procedural knowledge.  Because I've served as Vice-Chair for the last two years, meeting frequently with the Mayor and Superintendent and engaging in more behind-the-scenes work, I will bring deep systemic knowledge and leadership continuity if reelected.

The work to become a more antiracist, collaborative, effective school district takes persistence, relationships, and time.  If you have seen my deep commitment to our school communities, you know that I move with integrity.  I ask for your #1 vote this fall so we can continue our work together.

Please reach out with your questions and ideas.  

In collaboration,