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Heartwarming Updates

Dear Friends,

With February vacation behind us and wintry weather’s arrival, you may be hungry for updates that will warm your heart!  Here are my top three inspiring Cambridge Public Schools events from the last month:

#1 - Celebration of Cambridge Educator Pathways cohort

A few weekends ago, I was thrilled to join the first cohort of graduates from the Cambridge Educators Pathways program, a partnership between CPS and Lesley University.  Through this program, current paraprofessionals and teachers can obtain their Masters degrees for free.  From where I sit, this is one of the most effective strategies for racially diversifying our teacher workforce - with educators who are already committed to our students, schools, and city, no less.  Each graduate spoke at the ceremony, many remarking that they would not have been able to afford graduate school without this program.  Mayor Siddiqui and I joined the graduates in appreciating Member Fantini, who spent years building this initiative.  The next cohort has 18 educators enrolled!

#2 - Upper School Mock School Committee 

(Photos by PAUS student photographer R. Hawlader)

Dozens of upper school students convened a few weeks ago at CRLS to discuss their priorities for the district.  Supported by students in Tufts Action as well as by our own CRLS Student School Committee Members, these sixth, seventh, and eighth graders made important observations and recommendations about school buses, the quality of school meals, and recess.  Member Hunter and I were impressed with all the young people involved and look forward to their continued leadership and partnership.

#3 - CRLS Student Budget Meeting

Student School Committee Members Clemente and Escamilla-Salomon organized a standing-room-only lunch meeting for high school students to learn about and weigh-in on the district’s budget.  Most of the School Committee attended, registering an abundance of  thoughtful feedback and enjoying an inspired game the Student Members created for their peers.  It was a truly informative, engaging, and important conversation.

I hope you find as much joy and optimism from reading about these events as I did from attending them.  Stay tuned for more policy updates in the weeks ahead.

In collaboration,


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