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Racial Equity Motion

January 21, 2020

Motion by Ms. Weinstein and Ms. Wilson:

Whereas: The Cambridge Public Schools are committed to “building rigorous, joyful and culturally responsive learning for all students”; and racial inequity has plagued our schools for many generations; and

Whereas: Families, teachers and community members have shared experiences of racism with this body and the administration; and we know, from advocacy of many students that anti-racist schools are a prerequisite for culturally responsive learning; and

Whereas: Students are better positioned to reach our district’s academic goals in third grade literacy, eighth grade math and enrollment in AP or honors courses in schools that are culturally responsive and intentionally anti-racist; and there are many school leaders across our district that serve as exemplars for engaging school communities in advancing racial equity; and

Whereas: The Superintendent brought the Disruptive Equity Education Project in to work with district leadership, and invested in the Building Equity Bridges (BEB) movement. The Building Equity Bridges movement has developed a coalition of students, families, teachers, administrators and the Cambridge Education Association (CEA) who share the understanding of the critical need to center the voices of students, families and teachers of color; and

Whereas: The Superintendent has already begun to develop a set of anti-racism actions drawing on the twelve Building Equity Bridges commitments and taken immediate actions to center the voices of students and families of color, establish an enhanced investigation and response system for racist incidents and mandated anti-racist training. We recognize the severity of this problem and are driven by a sense of urgency; now therefore be it

Resolved: That the School Committee will prioritize racial equity and anti-racist work throughout this term; and be it further 

Resolved: That the School Committee will join the Superintendent in “taking decisive action” to respond to the concerns raised in each of the twelve areas outlined by the Building Equity Bridges movement.  That the Chair and Vice Chair will call for a School Committee retreat with district administrators and the Building Equity Bridges leadership team by March 31, 2020 to build shared understanding of the work and coordinate which subcommittees or other venues will advance particular commitments; and therefore be it further

Resolved: That throughout the 2020-21 term, School Committee Members will partner closely with the CPSD Administration, BEB, CEA as well as other interested students, families, educators and community partners to recommend policies that strengthen our district’s racial equity and anti-racist work.

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